The solution for all your customer engagement challenges

Wonder why your audience doesn't subscribe to your product or service?

Struggling with increasing user churn and drop offs with your SAAS product? 

Tired of trying to build customer loyalty and successful referral programs? 

Need to find a way to get users back to your product or service?

Overcome all of this with a simple yet powerful tactical framework and gain users for life! 

How to design stuff that really works for your users

Figure out how to solve key issues to engage your audience and drive growth

  • Build process to always know why users drop off

  • Know where to engage and when not to!

  • Leverage active listening concepts to deliver value and build better

  • Build paths to re-engage and convert users that leave after trials

  • Shit happens. Deal with it effectively while retaining your customers.

Course curriculum

    1. Need and conversations

    2. Quiz 1

    3. The Who: Identifying the User

    4. Quiz 2

    5. The SOMA framework

    6. Understanding Scenarios

    7. Quiz3

    8. Focusing on Need

    9. Underlying Emotion

    1. Constraints

    2. Context as a constraint

    3. Handling Failure States

    1. DATA Matters

    1. Start creating great conversational experiences

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 16 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

Make your product or service relevant

Learn the process and thinking applied by leading UX designers to build reliable experiences for users across a wide range of applications. The path to being awesome at omni channel and multi-modal interaction design becons!

“This has helped us realize the importance of using a frameworks and process to our thinking. Funny thing is, I never thought I needed something like this to course correct!”

Product Manager at a Fortune 1000 Company

“Our onboarding and user engagement has got a powerup every since we started focusing on the motivations that drive user behaviour closely. Next stop, referral led growth!”

Founder, Stealth Startup

“Everybody talks about user led product design and growth, however this course has given me and my team immense clarity on the tactical stuff to deal with when it comes to transitioning from product led to a user led approach.”

Adam Borden


Sanjeev N

Sanjeev has been a practitioner of User Experience for more than 22 years, and has extensive experience in the design of business workflows, enterprise applications, and products. MIT Sloan certified in Design Thinking, he has enabled brands like Accenture, Tata Group, VEA, Novartis, Target, amongst others in the design and implementation of AI enabled automations and conversational interfaces over the last decade. He has seasoned skills in conversational AI and has written the 2019 handbook, 'UX of Conversation Design' which is a precursor to this course. He also is an advisor to startups on their UX Strategy, Product, Service Experience Design, always keeping users and their conversations at the centre of the process.

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